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Nevermind, going out requires being around other people.

Guess that’t not happening.

Maybe I’ll just go out. I don’t feel like being in here anymore.

Well that worked real fuckin’ well.



S’what I fuckin thought.

Oh my god. Just take your angry alpha-male bullshit with you and go.



Fuck you. I’m going to the fucking shower so I can fucking jerk off because I sure as shit can do that in here but if you wanna come watch you’re fucking welcome to.

Forget it. Go take your shower. Whatever.



It’s my fucking shower I’ll fight you for it I don’t even c a r e.

F u c k  you I hope you enjoy company because it’s going to be very cozy in there.


fuck you but fuck me first



Eat a dick dude what the fuck are you talking about.

I’m talking about the dilemma that is us both planning to shower at the same time I mean. You don’t really wanna share a shower with me do you. You could get lynched. Really now.