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do you actually have 80000000 dicks for me to suck because I’d do it




Yeah. But only because I like you.

[John wastes no times wrapping his arm around Daniel’s waist, tugging him closer and sighing softly as he pressed his face against his roommate’s shoulder. What the fuck. Who even does that.]

[Cute boys do that, that’s who. Daniel lets out a happy little sound as he settles himself in the bed, kissing gently at John’s hair, his cheek, eventually his lips. Hi I am here.]

Well, I like you too, so. Cool.


pros of having tummy chub:

  • keeps u warm in winter
  • its soft and nice to cuddle with
  • super fun to play with!!!!!!
  • its cute as heck
  • something to grab onto for comfort (or during sexual activities woah!!!!!)
  • super kissable and looks amazing with hickeys
  • jiggly!!!!!!!!!

cons of having tummy chub:

  • nothing



You’re such a loser.

Says the guy who’s about to let me into his bed.

[Dives into bed hello. It is time for snuggles and blanket nests and maybe some sleepy sex.]



How the fuck are you cold it’s not even cold.

I’m cold. Warm me up. Share your heat.


"son, are you ok? you look so pale" "i’m fine mom ❤”




I’m cold. C’mere.