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Don’t shut down. Talk to me.

When you said— what you said the other night. When we were. Yeah.

I guess I thought you meant something else by it.


We said we were going to have a casual, sexual relationship. And we hadn’t decided anything concrete as far as the rest.

At least, that’s what I thought.

That’s— that’s fine, then. What we have is casual and sexual, plain and simple.

I misinterpreted a few things. Don’t worry about it.


rolls over in bed.



Much better.

Sonya that is a diet product should I be mildly offended or.



Yes. Yesyesyes. Hello.

Mmmh, hello yourself. Aren’t we just comfy. Is this better?



You can not sleep in my bed if you want it’s kind of cold and I’m kind of.

Your bed does look awful comfy. Imagine that, me slipping into it and making myself at home like I’m doing right this second.



Nothing fucking important, really. What about you.

Same, really. Can’t sleep.