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[“more fried food than the two of you can realistically eat” are you sure about that. Are you really.

An y WAYs. John’s just sitting cross legged on his bed with his laptop still browsing horror flicks and grumbling to himself because it seems Netflix has taken all the good films and pulled them from the instant queue which is a d r a g because the dorm internet hates megashare and he’s just really not feeling up to three hours of buffering for some shitty b-list movie right now.]

Dunno yet. Still looking. Have you seen Shrooms?

I have not. Is it any good?

[Daniel comes right along and joins him on the bed, keeping an extra inch or so of distance there in case John was actually weirded out by that slip-up earlier. He plops the paper bags down between them; one’s got that nasty goddamn green bullshit and the other’s got chicken and burgers and curly fries and he’s not the least bit ashamed that more than half of it’s for him. All told and teasing aside, he’s pretty glad to be here right now. Skipping his foreign lit study group is already proving to be worth it.]

There’s always Birdemic if we can’t find anything good.


you know whats cool? not talking. dont say nothin. shut the fuck up.


You gunna argue with me on that? You just called me hot so I think I win this one.

Yeah. Don’t get fuckin lynched and I’ll be here digging through the horror movies on Netflix for when you get back.

No argument here sir. And, um. That was, ah. Yeah. I don’t have an excuse for that.

[Bang boom door is opening, hello, here is your knight in shining oversized hoodie, complete with nasty absinthe and more fried food than the two of you can realistically eat. Yo.]

So what’re we watching.



Well. Said hot roommate appreciates your social sacrifices. They’re totally for the greater good, yanno.

Don’t get fuckin jumped by anyone while you’re out there, I’m hungry.

Implying that you, John Smith, are the greater good. Hmm.

I’ll try not to get lynched on my way home with cheeseburgers. Be there in a few. 



You keep saying all this stuff about how you can’t make friends and I think I just found your problem.

And yes. Dinner would be freaking great I don’t care what you get. Thanks for runnin out for stuff.

My problem is that I’m a huge loser nerd who spends more time buying disgusting alcohol for his hot roommate than going out and meeting people.

Don’t worry about it, I owe you for getting pizza last time. Probably gonna have to drive through somewhere shitty tonight since most everything’s closed.



Yeah but you gotta understand I don’t think I can ever take you seriously again.

And you wonder why I’m afraid to loosen up around people.
Do you want me to bring home dinner too or just nasty booze?



I’m. What.

I am a man of discerning taste, John. Do you want your absinthe or not.



Get me some.

I am literally en route back from the liquor store right now. Don’t blog and drive, kids.
Anyway yeah.





sounds like that would fuck you right up

Jesus hahahah that’s either a wonderful or a horrible idea

Considering what cannabis can do, and what absinthe is made of, yeah this will send you trippin through space balls.

Sounds like the best idea ever